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Save Money – Seal Your HVAC Ducts!

homeowner-300x224With winter temperatures continuing to drop as heating bills continue to rise, it’s no surprise that we’ve spent some time here on Smiley’s blog talking about all the ways homeowners can save money on heating, from focusing on heating system efficiency to getting your furnace tuned up to adding insulation and weather-stripping.

One thing we haven’t spent a lot of time talking about however, and which many homeowners may not be aware of, is the importance of proper HVAC duct sealing, which forms the infrastructure of the home’s heating system.

If a home’s ductwork is leaking, the heating (and cooling) system is forced to work much harder to compensate for the lost air pressure. This is especially true if the leaks are located in areas that are not themselves air conditioned or heated, like crawlspaces, attics, or basements. Taking the time to conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s ductwork, and then replacing worn-out sections and sealing any cracks or spaces that are found will allow your heating system to maximize efficiency and save you money on heating bills.

When In Doubt, Call R.S. Andrews

The difficulty of repairing ductwork can vary widely depending on a number of factors, from the size and age of your home to the ductwork’s accessibility. The best way to get an idea of whether you’ll be able to successfully carry out repairs to your ductwork yourself is to call R.S. Andrews for an HVAC system inspection and tune up. This will give us the chance to assess your system’s health and efficiency, determine what problems may exist, and give you advice for resolving any issues that are found.

If our heating technician determines that a severe problem exists, or merely a problem that is likely outside the bounds of a homeowners’ ability to fix without assistance, then you’re still in luck because we can either fix the problem right away or schedule a visit to take care of things ASAP. We’ve been Atlanta’s most trusted heating company for over 40 years for a reason – because we stand behind the work of each and every one of our expert HVAC technicians.

For Small Duct Problems, Fix It Yourself!

When you’ve got a few cracks in your ductwork in a place that is easily accessible, fixing it yourself becomes an option.

When sealing ductwork yourself, it’s important to use the correct sealant to make sure the leaks stay sealed over time. Most of the time, we recommend using metal tape and or a mastic sealant to close cracks or holes in ductwork. Standard duct tape should be avoided as the heat from the ducts will weaken the tape over time, causing it to fall off.

If your ducts are un-insulated, keep in mind that this will have a negative impact on efficiency even when all leaks and potential leaks are sealed – whenever the duct runs through an unconditioned area, heat energy will be lost through conduction, and your system will be forced to work harder to maintain your desired temperature. Ask your R.S. Andrews technician for advice about how to insulate HVAC ducts when you call. We can take a look at your situation to make sure you’re getting the most out of your home heating dollars.

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