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Signs It May Be Time To Repair Or Replace Your Atlanta Ductwork


Faulty Atlanta ductwork can lead to increased use of energy throughout your home, which leads to increasingly higher energy bills every single month. It can also force your heating and cooling equipment to overwork trying to compensate for air losses in your ductwork.

But ductwork doesn’t work like other appliances in your Atlanta home. It doesn’t have an on/off switch. You’ll never have it stop working. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t warning signs that tell you it’s not as efficient as it could be.

Look for visible damage such as holes, breaks or tears. Ductwork sections made from fiberglass can be damaged if anything of substantial weight is placed on them or critters chew through the material. Flexible ductwork can rip or tear. Even metal ductwork is susceptible to holes and even rust damage over time. Metal duct can collapse from being stepped on or flex duct can become pinched, reducing air flow to certain parts of the home.

When ductwork is damaged, it allows air to escape and dust and debris to enter the system, especially ductwork located in crawlspaces, garages or basements. If ducts run through unheated and cooled areas, these sections should always be insulated to prevent conduction of heat energy through the duct walls.

In some cases, you may notice one room considerably colder than the others. It may be due to problems with your ductwork. This occurs when a duct becomes disconnected by falling off the supply or return boots – it has no heat source. Raising the thermostat to compensate for this situation will waste energy and overwork your Atlanta HVAC system. It will never solve the problem.

These are just a few of the signs that your ductwork may have problems in your home. Contact us to have your ductwork inspected by an experienced Atlanta HVAC contractor to determine where problems exist in your system, and learn the best way to fix them. The more you learn about energy efficiency, the more comfortable your home can be throughout the year.

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