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Simple Ways To Reduce Humidity In Your Home

When humidity levels rise, our bodies cool off by perspiring. When there is excessive moisture in the air, our bodies can’t perspire, leaving us feeling uncomfortable.

The last thing you want to do is walk into your home after a long day and not be comfortable. If the humidity levels inside match the levels outside, you’ll feel sticky and warm. Simple Ways To Reduce Humidity In Your HomeThe ability to lower the temperature also creates lower humidity conditions. That means your home HVAC system has to do its job effectively and efficiently to ensure you are cool.

Boost Your Ventilation

Think about all of the things you do in your home each day. You cook meals. You wash and dry your clothes. You shower. Each of these activities can allow moisture to buildup inside your home.

Do you have exhaust fans in each location that help reduce the buildup of moisture?

It’s important to remember that exhaust fans should only be operated for a few minutes to clear out the moisture. If you run them for too long, they can actually bring in more humidity than it gets rid of. It’s also important to make sure these fans are really exhausting outside and not back into your home itself. It’s important to check your attic to ensure it’s properly ventilated.

Properly Maintain Your AC

Air conditioning systems work best when you stay up-to-date with maintenance. A quality service technician will be able to tell you how often to change out air filters, what repairs should be performed, and how your system might not be working as efficiently as it should.

An air conditioner’s job is to remove moisture and humidity from your home. Just as important as removing humid conditions is how you operate your system. Don’t wait until your home is warm before you turn it on; start earlier in the day before the humidity level has a chance to build up. It’s easier to maintain a comfort level then work to achieve it. It’s also recommended that you turn the thermostat fan switch to ON if you have an efficient blower motor and let it run continually to help prevent buildup of heat and humidity.

Control Moisture

Certain parts of your home are more susceptible than other parts for moisture and humidity. Crawl spaces, basements, even attics can all be the most humid parts of your home. If outdoor air is allowed to seep in, it can increase relative humidity. Moisture can also come through the foundation of your home.

Be sure to do simple home maintenance to solve these issues. Fill in cracks around your foundation. Improve the ventilation system in your home. Remove moisture sources from the basement. Consider adding a dehumidifier if necessary.

Call R.S. Andrews for Humidity Solutions in Atlanta!

In order to control humidity within your home, you must know where the root of the problem occurs. Whether that means investing in a new air conditioning system or performing routine maintenance items around the home, we can help you come up with solutions that will meet your needs. Contact us for any installation or repair needs!

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