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What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

What Size Ceiling Fan Do I Need?

Choosing the right size ceiling fan ensures maximum performance, comfort, and style. But how do you know what the right size is? Are small ceiling fans designed for small spaces, large ceiling fans created for larger rooms? What happens if you mix it up?

There is an easy way to size your ceiling fan to your room.

Step #1 Choose blade span based on room size

Ceiling fans come in many different lengths. You’ll find blade spans at the low end of around 29 inches, to blade spans of 72 inches and more. You’ll also find the number of blades varies with style.

Choosing blade span depends on the size of your room. To calculate, determine the square footage of your room by multiplying the length times the width. Then calculate the blade span of the ceiling fan.

For an odd number of blades, measure the distance from the center of the fan out to the tip of a blade and multiply by two.

For an even number of blades, measure the distance between two opposing blades.

A room under 75 square feet will do best with a fan between 29 and 36 inches in diameter. A room between 200 to 400 square feet will function well with a fan 50 to 72 inches in size. For rooms larger than 400 square feet, consider installing two ceiling fans optimal distance apart for best results.

Step #2 Determine ceiling height

How far down your ceiling fan hangs depends on the height of your room.

For ceilings 8 feet in height, a low profile ceiling fan is best.

For ceilings 9 feet or higher, choose a ceiling fan downrod to adjust the height.

Flush mounts will keep ceiling fans close to the ceiling. But when you have more height to play with, you can adjust accordingly. There are different mounts, depending on if your ceiling is sloped or at a standard height throughout.

Step #3 Choosing a downrod

Ceiling fans create air movement. Which is why it’s important to have them down at an appropriate level to make a difference in your living space.

If you have high ceilings, the downrod will depend on how much space you have.

  • 9 foot ceiling – 3 or 6 inch downrod
  • 10 foot ceiling – 12 inch downrod
  • 11 foot ceiling – 18 inch downrod
  • 12 foot ceiling – 24 inch downrod
  • 13 foot ceiling – 36 inch downrod

Hanging a ceiling fan at the appropriate level ensures that friends and family members won’t hit their heads on low hanging fixtures. It also guarantees that you’ll receive maximum benefit from cool air production.

Selecting the right size ceiling fan for your room secures the fan’s performance, and gives longevity for both comfort and safety. Need help to select the right fan for your home? If you need an Atlanta ceiling fan service to install it in your home, give us a call at (770) 674-8996 today.

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