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How Static Electricity Affects Your Electronics

Do you remember as a kid, taking a balloon and rubbing it on your sweater before holding it above your head to make your hair stand on end? It was a game that could have kids laughing for quite some time.

But what may be a fun game to play with small amounts of static electricity can turn into quite a different consequence as an adult, and it impacts the things throughout your home. In the wrong situation, it can potentially be quite dangerous.

For example, static electricity and gasoline never mix. If a flammable material such as gasoline is in the air, and sparks from a static shock light the air, it can ignite airborne gas and potentially cause an explosion.

Still, injury from static electricity is rare. But the likelihood of your electronics or mechanical equipment being damaged by it isn’t. Electrostatic discharge can be thought of as a mini lightning strike. The energy from the shock travels through the nearest object, and if that includes your electronics, it has the potential of destroying critical elements of the system.

There are ways to prevent this damage from occurring.

  • Avoid placing synthetic materials such as plastic and polystyrene near electronics, as these materials commonly cause static discharge.
  • Avoid using compressed air to clean circuit boards.
  • Only use non-static forming sprays on or near electronic equipment.
  • Make sure carpeting is treated to prevent static buildup. Invest in static-proof mats if you still notice problems.
  • Regulate your humidity system to ensure low likelihood of static buildup.

Electricians in Atlanta

Static discharges can and does destroy electronic equipment. So can electrical storms and power outages. The easiest way to take precautions is to talk with your electric company to ensure you are doing all you can to avoid potential dangers. Surge protection is a great way to ensure your office or your home are properly grounded and have adequate protection to keep your equipment, electronics, and people safer.

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