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Why Steam Showers May Be A Good Addition To Your Atlanta Home

Looking for ways to renovate your home, add value as well as luxury? How about a steam shower?

Adding a steam shower will make your home more modern and technologically advanced. And because steam showers come in a multitude of sizes, they can be added to almost any bathroom space.

Increase Relaxation

Using steam on a regular basis will amplify the feeling of relaxation many strive for during a shower or a bath. A regular shower just isn’t capable of providing all the health benefits of steam.

Steam purifies the skin, releases toxins from the body, and treats dry skin. Compare that to water, which drys out the skin. Steam also improves circulation, which improves your skin’s appearance and helps ease pain within sore muscles. Steam also helps you breathe and relax.

Imagine coming home from a long day and being able to sit back and relax in your built-in shower, and inhaling steam. Steam has been used for centuries as a way of treating ailments of the body and mind. It can be especially comforting in the winter, when colds and flu bugs attack most.

Reduce Water Use

To produce steam, water is piped into the steam generator and is heated with electricity and a coil. When the water boils, steam is produced and sent into the shower. This process only uses two gallons of water for every 20 minutes of use. Compare that to a hot shower that uses up to seven gallons of water for every minute of use.

Increase Home Value

Most people renovate their home with two goals in mind: increase functionality of their home while increasing home value at the same time. The truth is a steam shower allows you to take a shower unlike you’ll find in an ordinary shower. Because it utilizes technological advances, it offers you the opportunity to create a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. The perfect combination for what savvy homebuyers look for today.

Plumbing Contractors in Atlanta

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