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Tackling Condensation In Your Bathroom

What room in your home is the most commonplace for moisture to build? Yep, it’s your bathroom. 

Water droplets can easily form on windows, mirrors, walls, and fixtures when the warm, moist air is cooled by these surfaces. 

How you control this moisture is what can help curb biological growth. Tackling Condensation In Your Bathroom


One of the easiest ways to ventilate your bathroom is to open a window and let the water vapor escape outdoors. However, that isn’t very practical; why let your conditioned air escape as well? Ceiling exhaust fans can help remove moisture while keeping your bathroom your desired temperature too. Just be sure it’s cleaned and maintained properly for added protection. 


In order to reduce the warmer, moist air that builds when you shower or bathe, try increasing the temperature of your bathroom to help warm the cooler surfaces. You can use things like electric towel bars and radiant heating in your floor to raise the temperature. Also, consider replacing single pane windows with double or triple pane, and insulate your bathroom walls by using blown-in insulation in poorly insulated walls. 

Repair and Replace

That dripping faucet is more than annoying; it’s allowing moisture to build in your bathroom as well. Be sure to fix leaks as soon as you discover them. This will prevent water from accumulating and puddling, adding moisture into the air. Wipe up all water spills immediately. And remove wet towels and mats rather than leaving them to dry in the bathroom. If you have carpet or curtains, consider switching them out for tiles and blinds. 

Do you have poor condensation issues in your bathrooms? 

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