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Tips for Buying a Toilet

A toilet is a toilet, right? Or so you’d think, until you look at all the possibilities on the marketplace today. You might be a little surprised when you start looking at what manufacturers have to offer.

A basic model is always an option. But styles and shapes are plentiful, giving you everything from elevating your green factor to making the ultimate style statement. But before you make a selection, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind, such as what amenities you desire, what your budget will allow, and the size and layout of your bathroom.Tips For Buying A Toilet

Toilet Types

Two Piece Tanks

The traditional toilet models have separate tanks and bowls. It makes it easier to handle when installing, especially if you are doing it yourself. This is especially good for moving a toilet into tight spaces.

One Piece Toilet

One piece designs provide a sleek alternative for your bathroom. This style eliminates the seam between the tank and the bowl, resulting in a toilet that is easier to care for and keep clean.

Round Bowl

If you have a tight space, a round bowl may fit your requirements. It’s shorter in dimensions and can be squeezed into smaller spaces.

Elongated Bowl

This pear-shaped bowl adds several additional inches of bowl space, providing more bowl space in front of the toilet.

Taller Bowls

The standard toilet has a height of 14 or 15 inches off the ground. Invest in a taller bowl, and you’ll increase the height to 17 to 19 inches. This can be of benefit to taller people, or to seniors with mobility issues.

Wall Mount Toilets

Rather than resting on the floor, these toilets attach directly to the wall. This provides you with more floor space and a sleeker design.

Tankless Toilet

A tankless toilet uses water from a supply line to clear the bowl. They provide a small profile and are much quieter than some tank models. They use a pump-activated technology to flush.



A gravity-fed toilet relies on gravity to move water from the tank into the bowl, followed by siphoning to move waste down into the sewer line.


When these tanks fill with water, air pressure builds. When flushed, it creates a pressure that blasts water to move the waste from the bowl. The noise is louder than with a gravity-fed.


These toilets provide the perfect combination of water saving features with a powerful flush. They typically use 1.28 gallons of water or less.


These energy efficient models are growing in popularity. They allow you to choose low water for liquid waste or a full flush for solid waste.

The choices you have today are in abundance. If you desire to upgrade the look and feel of your bathroom, while introducing efficiency into your home at the same time, replacing your toilet may be the perfect place to start.

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