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Can Toilet Paper Clog Your Atlanta Plumbing System?

Can Toilet Paper Clog Your Plumbing System

Flushing and watching the water rise can be very scary indeed. A clogged and overflowing toilet can cause a lot of damage if not fixed quickly.

While a toilet clog that appears once can simply be a one time problem, where the real trouble lies is when it occurs again and again. There can be many reasons why clogs form:

  • Young children flushing toys
  • Tree roots penetrate the main sewer line
  • Low flow toilet doesn’t adequately push solids through the waste line

We’re also finding clogged toilets are often caused by the type of toilet paper you use.

People tend to overlook toilet paper as a main source of a clog. After all, toilet paper is sold as something that breaks down quickly once it gets wet. But what toilet paper manufacturers market to gain your attention – extra soft, quilted, recycled – can be detrimental to your pipes and sewer system.

And the older your pipes are, the more at risk you are.

The ideal toilet paper is one that is soft to the touch, won’t fall to pieces when you use it, yet has a fast rate for dissolving. An easy way to find the perfect product is by doing a little research online. You’ll find many independent firms have tested just about every toilet paper you can buy.

Like GoodHousekeeping’s toilet paper test. They put every toilet paper they review through ten tests to determine how absorbent, soft and strong it is, without the likelihood of causing clogs.

If you’ve had several toilet clogs lately, it might be your toilet paper. Switch brands and see if it makes a difference. If not, it may be time to call in one of our Atlanta plumbers.

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