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Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

Trends In Bathroom Remodeling

Are you tired of the same old toilet and outdated shower fixtures? Maybe it’s time for a bathroom renovation.

Whether it’s the bathroom in your main living space, or an elegant master retreat, upgrading your bathroom can improve aesthetics and functionality. As plumbers, we’ve helped many homeowners just like you pull together some amazing changes in a short period of time. Changes that make a BIG difference in how you use it and how it looks.

What can you do yourself – with a little help from your plumbing contractor?

State Of The Art Shower

Showers should no longer be kept in the tub. Think bold. How about a steam shower, one with massage jets, or one with a high tech showerhead. Rain fixtures are no longer just for the elite, you’ll find them available at many different price points.

A Stylish Sink

Upgrading your sink and vanity means upgrading everything about it. No longer are your faucets limited to being attached to the sink. How about a stylish wall mount, pouring the water in a trickling effect? It won’t take a lot of movement to enhance your decor and create the look you’ve been dreaming of.

A Spacious Tub

Ever walked into a master retreat where the bath takes center stage? Bring the tub to center focus. Today’s tubs aren’t meant to be shoved into a corner. Instead, you’ll find many standalone tubs designed to be as much of a work of art as they are for functionality.

Experience Radiant Warmth

Tiles are the perfect flooring choice for your bathroom. But let’s face it, they’re cold when you step onto them in the middle of winter. Radiant heating can be installed under tiling, giving you warmth under your feet on even the coldest morning. Or how about a fireplace by the tub? Nothing says relax and romance more than a crackling fire at the flip of a switch.

Toilets Of The Future

If you really choose to be on the cutting edge of technology, consider upgrading your toilet. Sleek designs eliminate the tank and attach to the wall rather than the floor. Popular changes include automatic lids, heated seats and self-cleaning features. Dual flush can help you save water all day long.

Be aware that even simple jobs can turn into disasters if you’re not fully prepared. We can help you with your full remodeling project, let’s talk today.

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