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Types of Commercial Drain Cleaning Services

Routine maintenance and prompt emergency services are essential to keeping your commercial drain system working properly. A major plumbing issue is not only costly to fix, but can affect your business’ productivity. Here are some common drain cleaning services you can receive from a qualified professional.

Video Inspections

Typically, the first step in drain cleaning is to assess the size and location of the clog. Experienced commercial drain cleaning companies use a video camera to visually inspect the clog. Drain cameras use a digital camera and LED light mounted to the end of a fiber-optic cable, so a technician can accurately assess the issue and which drain cleaning tool will work best to quickly remove the clog.


Hydro-jetting is a unique way to safely remove clogs without damaging your plumbing pipes. A hydro-jet service uses a hose with a powerful pressure nozzle. Once the hose is inserted in your drain line, it’s turned on to use high-pressure water to blast through any buildup.

This method is far more precise than a common drain snake, and is safer for you and your drain system than using harsh chemicals. Hydro-jetting may not be able to remove stubborn tree roots or other major obstacles, so for those, professional cleaners may still use a drain snake.


Drain snaking is an older method of clearing your drain lines, but it still remains effective for severe clogs. A snake is a drain auger. An auger head has one or two blades and is made to fit comfortably in your specific drain line diameter. Once it’s inserted, a technician turns on a motor which causes the auger to rotate and cut through any obstructions.

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