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How UV Light Works

Many homes these days have ultraviolet lights inside the HVAC system. The way these work is it’s a light that stays on inside of the ductwork all the time. And any time the fan inside of your system turns on, either for heating or cooling, the air moves through and across this light. The light renders all airborne pathogens inert or kills them on contact. What I mean by this is viruses, colds, flues, all of this is killed inside of your ductwork, inside of the air going through your home. That way it’s going to help prevent people inside the home from getting sick from spreading your colds or viruses.

There is a lot of ultraviolet light systems out there that you can find online or that homeowners can buy themselves. The problem with these is, the lights are not strong enough to do what’s required. There is only a couple of lights out there that provide the wattage required to actually be able to kill these viruses and bacteria going through the system at the velocities the air is going through the system. You really do need to have a licensed professional come in, evaluate the system and select the size of the ultraviolet light that’s correct for your home.

Ultraviolet Light Systems in Atlanta

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