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Ventilation and Gas Appliances

There’s one big reason to ensure your gas appliances are properly vented: your family. Do it the wrong way and you’re putting every member at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Whether you’re installing gas appliances for the first time, you’re upgrading current equipment, or you’re maintaining appliances already in place, proper ventilation is very important to control your indoor air quality. Ventilation and Gas Appliances

According to code, all fuel burning appliances shall be vented to the outside in accordance with manufacturers guidelines. 

In the kitchen, it starts with the range hood. It should properly ventilate air to the outside, not just recirculate and filter the cooking fumes. You can choose a conventional updraft hood or a downdraft hood. 

In the laundry room, gas dryers should be properly vented to the outside to prevent moisture and lint accumulations. 

When installing fans, be careful when selecting the size. Too large a fan can waste energy. It can also put you at risk. When in operation, the fan creates a slight vacuum in the home. To balance the pressure changes, outside air is sucked in through cracks and leaks around doors and windows. The more out of balance this is, the harder your heating system has to work, wasting energy. 

If negative pressure gets too high, it can prevent oil or gas heating systems from properly venting, which can cause a backdraft situation. This can be of concern, especially if using a downdraft ventilation system with your cooktop or range. If you are using downdraft range hoods, take the necessary precautions to ensure it’s working safely and won’t cause problems. 

As a part of your regular home maintenance routine, be sure to check all vents and chimneys to ensure they are tightly sealed, cleaned, and in good working condition. Because you are working with gas, if you have any questions, it’s better to seek guidance then put it off with a “wait and see” approach. And if you smell any combustion odor, seek service immediately. 

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