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Does Your Water Smell? It Could Be Your Plumbing

When you turn on your tap, a clear, clean flow of water appears.

But what happens when that flow of water comes with something else? What if turning on a faucet also brings a funny smell?

If your home water comes from a well, it is important to test it. If your home water comes from the municipal supply, your home plumbing system may be to blame.

When you notice a sudden change in appearance, smell or taste of your water, get hold of the municipality right away, as it could indicate a serious issue.

There are many reasons why tap water may take on a bad smell.

  • High concentrations of metals from the pipes delivering the water supply
  • The chemicals used at the treatment plant could be to blame
  • Organisms could be living in the water supply
  • Environmental contaminants could be present
  • Seepage could be to blame

Chlorine can result in bad tasting water. Chlorine is used during the purification process, and when excess supply is used, it could lead to a high concentration in your pipes.

Hydrogen sulfide is usually the culprit behind water that smells like year old rotten eggs. It’s a gas that can linger in your water supply, one that usually dissipates during the collection and transportation process. At times it can build up and produce a funny smell when your tap is turned on.

Seepage is the most dangerous of the issues, as it can have potentially serious health side effects. When environmental contaminants enter your water supply, it is important to replace your pipes right away. Sewage pipes should be laid below your water lines, but if tree roots damage your pipes, the contaminated water can enter your clean water line. All of which can lead to serious illness to you and your family.

What’s causing your water supply to smell?

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