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What Is A Whole House Ventilation System?

Thinking of incorporating a whole house ventilation system into your home this year? What benefits can it deliver once you’ve installed it into your home?

During the winter months, ensuring you have ample amounts of fresh air coming in plays an important role in comfort and safety. Let’s look at how a whole house ventilation system could help.What Is A Whole House Ventilation System?

Add fresh air – During spring, summer, and early fall, we often open up doors and windows to let in a little fresh air. But as the temperature dips and bad weather settles in, it becomes a game for how fast you can get in and out of your home. If stale air resides in your living space for several months, it can impact your health, your comfort, and even your safety.

Keep temperatures consistent – In order for your heating equipment to work effectively, it requires a steady stream of fresh air. By using a whole house ventilation system to bring in and replace the air supply, you’re giving your heating system an added boost. You’ll notice it both on how much you pay each month for utilities, and by creating a more comfortable living environment as well.

Remove odors – Have you ever noticed odors tend to linger more in the winter months? That’s because there’s nowhere for them to go. When you cook greasy or odorous food, the scent lingers. Pets and bathroom smells tend to linger too. Using a whole house ventilation system ensures fresh air moves throughout your home, giving you a fresh air supply all the time.

Make your home healthier – Tired of getting winter colds? Have you noticed allergies and asthma symptoms rise more in the winter? That’s because you keep living with the same air supply. If dust, dander, allergens, toxins, and biological growth have nowhere to go, they will continue to linger in your home, impacting your health.

Now that you know the benefits of installing a whole house ventilation system, what are you waiting for? It could be the perfect addition to help you stay healthy this year.

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