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What Is Air Sealing?

Want to improve the efficiency of your home? Want to make your home a little warmer? Adding insulation can do the trick. 

But contrary to what you may read online, adding insulation isn’t a do it yourself project. Sure, you can go to any home improvement store and find several different types of insulation to install. You can lay it or blow it into place in a weekend. But did you do it the proper way?What Is Air Sealing?

Is your attic properly sealed, plugging attic air leaks?

As a house ages, it settles. What once seemed to be perfectly aligned or working efficiently can suddenly be inefficient at best. 

But it’s not just energy loss that’s a problem. If left untreated, it can actually be responsible for deterioration as well. If you don’t take care of your home, the elements will. 

Air sealing is the process of restricting air movement through the tiny cracks and gaps around your house. When your HVAC system operates, it creates pressure inside your home. If leaks and gaps exist, it can transfer conditioned air to the outside. This reduces efficiency all around. Air sealing prevents this loss from occurring by sealing up both obvious and hidden problems in your home. 

The benefits include:

Energy efficiency – this is the main reason people tackle air sealing in the first place. If you’ve noticed your energy bills rising without cause, it might be because of leaks and gaps throughout your home. Creating a tighter structure will keep conditioned air where it’s supposed to be. 

Indoor air quality – outdoor air is needed to create a healthy living environment. However, a properly working HVAC system ensures the right amount of air is transferred between inside and outside. If air leaks between gaps and cracks, it can allow uncontrolled dirt, particles, moisture, pollutants, and allergens to escape inside your home, making the indoor air anything but healthy. 

Comfort – If you notice cold drafts, cold floors, or noticeable temperature differences from room to room, air sealing can immediately make improvements in your living conditions. 

House – debris, moisture, toxins, pollutants, biological growth – all of this can damage your homes foundation, walls, roof, and more. By air sealing your home, you will prevent these damaging conditions from entering places like your crawl space or attic, and building up over time. Air sealing helps keep your home safe and dry, free from water damage, pests, or biological growth development. 

What’s more, it’s simply more cost effective to have a home that is adequately sealed. 

Why spend more on your monthly energy bills than necessary. Consider air sealing your home to make it as efficient as possible for the coming seasons. 

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