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What It Takes To Bring An Electric Car To Your Home

Remember the old days when you’d buy a car and drive it into your garage with little on your mind accept the excitement of a new car? If you’re considering investing in an electric car, it’s not quite as easy. 

When you get home, your new electric car will require a charge. That means having a recharging station right there in your garage. Should you plug it in next to your power tools and lawn care equipment? Possibly. But there are a few things you should consider. What It Takes To Bring An Electric Car To Your Home

The two most common types of charging stations used for residential use are marketed as either level 1 or level 2. Georgia Power makes charging vehicles using either of these methods easy. 

Level 1 provides easy charging. You can use the plugin in any standard 120-volt outlet. That means from the moment you get your new car home, you can plug it in to a standard outlet; no changes necessary to your electrical panel or home wiring. Of course, you may wish to have a dedicated circuit to ensure your circuit isn’t overloaded. The last thing you want is your new vehicle to trip your electrical system every time you plug it in. 

Level 2 provides faster charging. But this does require a slight conversion to the way you plug it in. Level 2 uses a 240-volt circuit; you’ll find the same with your clothes dryer. But it will shorten your charge time down to four or five hours. Level 2 charging also requires an Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) for added safety. An electrician can tell you if you have adequate capacity or if it requires adding a new circuit to handle the load. 

Before you invest in an electrical vehicle, do a little research first. Georgia Power has a lot of information on their site to provide you with a wealth of information. Check out the consumer guide that helps you select the right electric vehicle for your needs. Or check out the state incentives – you may be eligible for a rebate by purchasing an electric vehicle for your needs. They’ll even point you to resources and apps that can help you locate chargers wherever your travels may take you. 

Ready to invest in a new electric vehicle? Is your home ready to charge it up?

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