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What Kind of Generator Do I Need?

What Kind of Generator Do I Need? | RS Andrews Atlanta Electrical Services

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RS Andrews general electrician Matt Mihalek explains how to select a generator for your home based on your specific needs.

Any licensed electrician or certified electrician (especially the ones at RS Andrews) can help you figure out the kind of generator you need. Essentially it’s completely up to you, and whatever you need for your home.

Some people simply want to run a refrigerator and some lights, some people want to make sure their entire home is up and running. At that point, RS Andrews will come out, take a look at your home, give you a consultation on what exactly you want and when you need it most.

If you’d like your entire house, we can do a calculation for that to tell you exactly what size generator you need for that. Most people need the essentials. If you have a refrigerator, gas furnace, air conditioner, and some lights, we can do that. But it is essential for you to know what exactly you want for your home and yourself. That helps us determine how to size the generator itself.

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