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What Should I Set My Thermostat At For The Summer?

Our question back to you is: What is your ultimate goal?

For some people, they want a home that is the perfect temperature. Their only goal is comfort. 

If that’s the case, then set your thermostat for whatever makes you comfortable. If you like it cold, tap it down a few degrees. Adjust it depending on the forecast and the weather. What Should I Set My Thermostat At For The Summer?

But let’s assume you have a different idea in mind. For many, they want to strike a balance between comfort and efficiency. There’s nothing like being nice and cool on a hot day … until the utility bill arrives. 

It’s The Humidity, Not The Heat

It’s easy to look at the temperature outside and adjust your thermostat based on the forecast. But it’s not the heat that makes you hot. A 80 degree day in a dry heat is different than one where the humidity is high too. If the air is dry, your sweat evaporates. And that means you feel cooler, faster. 

While you can’t escape the Georgia humidity on the outside, you can control it inside. If your air conditioner is working correctly, it’s designed to do this. Of course, it needs a little help. The more efficient your home is, if it’s properly sealed and has vapor barriers in place, the more it will be an efficient system. 

According to the CDC, a home should be set with around 50 percent humidity levels, with a temperature range of 68.5 to 75 degrees in the winter and 75 to 80.5 in the summer for optimal performance. Be sure you set both the humidity levels and the temperature when setting your thermostat. 

It’s Not Just Your Air Conditioner That Will Do The Trick

Even when you work hard to optimize your cooling equipment, in the heat of the summer, your utility bill can look mighty big. There are still things you can do. 

Move the temperature up a few degrees and invest in a ceiling fan instead. 

Ceiling fans aren’t designed to provide you with cool air. Instead, a ceiling fan pushes the air. Air movement creates the illusion of bringing the temperature down. As the air moves across your body, it helps the evaporation process. And when you feel cooler, you’re more likely to turn the air conditioner back up a degree or two. 

Are You Ready For Savings?

Sometimes it’s mindset that can cool you down. Simply knowing you have the desire to make your home more efficient can help you find simple ways to stay cool. A popsicle in the heat of the day? It might do the trick. Running your ceiling fan at night to keep your air conditioner a few degrees higher? Yep, that can help too. 

By adjusting your thermostat even just a degree or two, you can save tens, even hundreds of dollars per year on your utility bill. 

And that can be a comforting thought. 

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