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What To Consider Before You Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

Outside of a kitchen remodel, upgrading your bathrooms can give you the biggest bang for your buck. A new guest bathroom can provide a fresh, updated look. Changing out a master bath can provide more functionality as well as comfort. 

Who doesn’t want to bring a spa-like experience home, and enjoy it in the comfort of your home?What To Consider Before You Start Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you’re taking on a bathroom remodeling project this year, there are a few surprising things that will make a big difference, yet very few people talk about. 


In most residential home builds, plumbers install 1 ½ inch pipes. Yet in the bath – especially the master bath where two of you get ready every day – a lot of hair and products go down the drain. Upgrading to a 2 inch pipe means your drains stay cleaner, longer. And with a larger drain in place, it means clogs are less likely to occur. In most cases, the pipe can be upgraded as a part of your renovation, with little increase to the cost. 

While Atlanta might not get the sub-zero temperatures often reported across the midwest in the winter months, we still get our share of below freezing temperatures. Rather than risk frozen pipes, plan out your new bathroom by placing water supply lines along interior walls to reduce the risk. 

Shower or Tub?

While the five piece master bath has been coveted for years, for some homeowners, things are changing. Ask yourself a question: when was the last time you took a bath? For many, they have trouble remembering. What if you used the space for something you’d enjoy a lot more, like a spa-like shower? Walk-in showers are all the rage. So are rain fixtures, or multiple streams of spray. How about a shower built for two? Head over to Pinterest and do a few searches on dream showers; you’ll find yours quickly. And you might just decide to make your shower the centerpoint of your master bath. 

Wall-hung Toilets

The modern day toilet has been unchanged for decades. But things are changing. Instead of the standard toilet that’s attached to the floor, some homeowners are opting for wall-hung models. These sleek designed fixtures have the tank hidden behind the wall, meaning they take up less space in your bath. Just be aware it’s harder to change your mind later, as they need special plumbing in place to make them work. 


Most bathrooms are equipped with poor lighting at best. During a renovation, you can add a multitude of lighting options to meet your every need. Add recessed lighting to brighten up the space. Be sure to include one in your shower area. Also, consider adding a dimmer switch to help control the mood. Sometimes a glaring light in the late evening hours is the last thing you desire. Then add in other lights for aesthetics and functionality. Be conscious of how you install lights around your mirrors, to provide you with the best lighting while you apply makeup or shave. 

Ready for a bathroom makeover? A well thought out bathroom not only will give you years of pleasure, but it will add to your resale value too. 

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