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The Best Way To Clean Your Drains

What You Need To Know About the Frequency of Cleaning Your Drains

During the summer, you may notice the annoying presence of gnats coming from the drains on your property. You may also notice a persistent odor that bleach doesn’t seem to kill during the hot, humid weather. These conditions could be more than just unpleasant. They could be damaging to your home and the plumbing system. Rather than wait until something seems off with your drain, consider having our team at R.S. Andrews out to your home, school, or office to have your drains professionally cleaned.

12 Things You Need to Stop Putting Down Your Drains

Why You Should Clean the Drains

Many people pour things down the drain that have no business flowing through the pipes. Kitchen drains often see grease and greasy residue from cooking, while utility sinks see paint or harsh chemicals sent down them. The problem with these products is the potential for coagulation inside the pipe. This is where the substance doesn’t flow out into the sewer or septic, leading to a clogged pipe after a period of time. Solvents and other substances that abuse the purpose of the plumbing can also lead to backup from a clog.

When You Should Clean the Drains

There isn’t a definitive answer for how often you should have your drains cleaned, as it depends on the abuse the drains receive. The best rule of thumb is prevention. Don’t wait until you smell something terrible or experience slow drainage to call for help. Drain cleaning should be proactive if you are to keep your plumbing and drainage system in the best possible condition. Having your drains cleaned annually by our professional team may be enough for your usage, though your individual case may require more frequent attention.

Who Should Clean the Drains

When you are ready for your drains to receive a thorough, expert cleaning, turn to R.S. Andrews. We promise 100% satisfaction and offer the best service team in the Atlanta area. Contact us today to get started!

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