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Need-to-Know Commercial HVAC Installation Facts

For commercial buildings, a highly efficient HVAC system is vitally important. Not only is it important for the comfort and productivity of every individual within the working environment, but it’s also important to ensure a healthy atmosphere too.

For many property owners, their commercial HVAC system may be as old as the building itself, repairing and replacing small parts on an as needed basis. But with today’s technological advances, it may be time to install a new HVAC system altogether.What You Should Know About Commercial HVAC Installation

What do you need to know?

Size Matters

Commercial properties can take up a lot of space, whether it’s horizontally placed such as with a warehouse, or vertically such as an office building. In any case, the building needs considerable power to meet the heating and cooling loads. And it’s not all about heating and cooling; ventilation matters too to keep employees and customers safe, healthy, and comfortable. Selecting the right size equipment is important to prevent short cycling and energy waste. An HVAC technician works at conducting a load calculation to determine the proper size for your building. The larger the facility, the greater chance of needing multiple heating and cooling units to manage your building’s load.


Just like different commercial properties are built for different reasons, your HVAC equipment is installed to perform various functions. For some buildings, it makes sense to install zoning systems that provide flexibility to different parts of your building. For other buildings, it may be important to provide temperature controls to give more exact controls in more locations. An HVAC technician can guide you through what is possible and help you make the right choice for your situation.

Maximizing Savings

As a property manager, your job is to juggle expenses to fit within your budget. And one of the greatest ways to do that is by installing HVAC equipment to improve efficiency. Today’s technological advances can lower your utility bills from the moment of installation. And because they have more features, they can help improve your indoor air quality as well.

You should also talk with your HVAC technician about regular maintenance routines to ensure your equipment stays functional and optimized every month of the year. It can ensure your utility bills stay as low as possible, and also ensure your equipment has the longest life possible.

For all questions or more guidance about keeping your commercial HVAC as efficient as possible, contact us today.

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