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When Things Stop Working After a Power Outage

When the power goes out, you quickly realize how reliant our society has become on electricity. Every turn to do something reveals how many electrical items are in use at home.

A power outage that lasts a few minutes is an inconvenience. If it expands to a few hours, it increases in difficulty.When Things Stop Working After a Power Outage

But what happens when the power goes on and some of your electrical items stop working altogether?

In normal conditions, electrical current flows freely to each appliance according to its needs and rating. In most cases, this flow of current is stable, providing the electricity needed to keep the appliance fully functional.

As the weather heats up, we begin to use more air conditioning in our buildings and homes. That can tax the electrical grid, causing brownouts where voltage dips below its normal range of 105 to 120 volts. While it may not shut down your power, or even be noticeable within your daily routines, it can impact electrical motors.

Blackouts occur when damage is so severe, it severs the line that delivers power where it’s intended to go. If the power can’t move from the generating station to your home, your electrical appliances can’t work until the line is fixed.

Power surges can enter your home in two ways.

A current surge happens when the power is restored after a blackout. Electricity flows rapidly throughout the system, filling in the empty lines. This flow can greatly exceed the normal current levels, impacting the appliances attached to the line.

A voltage surge occurs at individual receptacles throughout your home. This often occurs after blackouts or lightning strikes, where the surge can deliver 200 volts of power or more, damaging or destroying any equipment plugged in.

If the power does go out, unplug key appliances to avoid the sudden power surge when power is restored. You can use surge protection strips to protect your digital and electronic devices.

Or invest in whole house protection systems. These systems are designed to keep everything in your home protected in the event of a power surge. This gives you peace of mind whether you’re home or away, knowing your appliances will be safer no matter what happens during the day. 

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