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Where Should You Be Concerned About The Ventilation System In Your Home?

Trying to make your home more energy efficient? Maybe it’s time to look at your ventilation. 

Proper ventilation means your:

  • Attic won’t accumulate excess heat
  • Kitchen will exhaust toxins and other pollutants
  • Bathrooms will avoid excess moistureWhere Should You Be Concerned About The Ventilation System In Your Home?
  • Home will be properly conditioned, properly controlled

Of course, that doesn’t happen by accident. 

In the most basic way, your home’s ventilation system starts by opening windows and doors. This allows fresh air to move in and out, carrying pollutants with it. But you can’t keep your windows and doors open year round. That wouldn’t create a comfortable environment on the warmest and coldest days of the year. 

That’s why your ventilation system takes over. It’s designed to bring in fresh air as efficiently as possible. It focuses on keeping conditioned air where it’s supposed to be, keeping humidity levels at comfortable levels, and ensure stale air is exhausted in a proper way. 

Is yours working the way it should?

That’s what most homeowners don’t think about, or even understand. When the furnace or air conditioner are running, the ventilation system must be working. When you flip the switch in the bathroom and the fan starts operating, it must be pulling humidity out of the air. 

Yet studies show that’s not always the case. 

The only way to know for sure is to run an energy audit, test your systems, and determine if things are operating the way they should. 

Want a more energy efficient home? Let’s get started with an energy audit today. 

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