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Which Trees Cause The Most Pipe Damage

Planning on adding new landscaping to your yard this year? Be sure to plant the right trees and shrubs.

Sewer lines can fail for many reasons; intrusion from invasive trees is one of the most common. If a tree or shrub isn’t native to the Atlanta area, it might not thrive in the conditions commonplace to our geographical location. That means it can be aggressive in its pursuit to thrive and stay alive. And your sewer lines are the perfect target for a source of nutrition.Which Trees Cause The Most Pipe Damage

The most common tree and plant species that often cause sewer line damage include:

  • Sycamore trees
  • Willows
  • Oak trees
  • Fig trees
  • Maple trees
  • Aspen trees
  • Elm trees
  • Birch trees

While these species are known to cause major damage to underground pipe lines, they don’t need to be eliminated from your yard completely. A plumbing expert can provide insights into typical root length and help you plan your pipe depth, type and location accordingly.

Some types of pipe are better equipped for withstanding potential problems. Steel and PVC pipes, for instance, are the least susceptible materials for root damage. They are durable enough to avoid puncturing by tree roots, and do not have many points of entry for roots to intrude.

Cement, clay, or cast iron pipes on the other hand, degrade significantly over time. They are all especially susceptible to tree root intrusion, and are easy for roots to penetrate, causing the material to crack and crumble over time.

If you have weaker, more susceptible pipe lines, it may be more effective and beneficial to replace the pipe entirely on your time. This can be done by pipe bursting or trenching, depending on the depth and length of the pipe.

If you’re planning on planting or improving your landscaping this year, knowing the right place to plant with the right type of trees is essential. If you feel your sewer line is already compromised, don’t wait for the problem to worsen. Give us a call today.

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