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Who Invented The Modern Day Bathroom Fixtures and Other Bathroom Facts

Every space has a story. And as humans, we love to tell them.

Like the one about the house down the street. You DO know what happened there …

Stories make the world go around. That’s how we carry on from generation to generation. Have you ever thought about the stories of how our modern homes came to be?Who Invented The Modern Day Bathroom Fixtures and Other Bathroom Facts

Just a few years ago, modern day plumbing didn’t exist. Go back just a few generations, and you’ll find your relatives used candles and kerosene instead of electricity. And it happened fast.

The Toilet

There’s a common belief that our modern day toilet was invented by a guy with the name of Crapper – Thomas Crapper to be exact. That fact has been disputed a time or two.

The idea of the toilet has been around since the 11th century, starting with chamber pots and outhouses. The idea of a flushing toilet was invented in 1596, according to Smithsonian. This early design was invented by Sir John Harington, and relied on gravity to remove waste from the home.

However our modern design of the toilet came to be, there’s no doubt about its importance in our homes. The actual concept may not have changed much in the past century, but the modernization of the toilet has come along way. From creating a more eco-friendly design process, to having more sleek and modern looks, it’s difficult to imagine our lifestyles without the toilet in place.


Of course, no bathroom is complete without a shower. Before home showers, people used to bathe or use public bathhouses.

The shower itself was inspired by nature. In ancient times, waterfalls were often used for bathing. An indoor shower was a modern take on bringing that waterfall into the home.

The first indoor shower was patented by William Feetham and was used only by very wealthy families. It grew in popularity in the US in the 1920s until it became a standard feature a few decades later. Today you’ll rarely see a house without a shower.

What continues to change today? Our bathrooms are becoming more spa-like all the time. We’ve upgraded the heating systems to include radiant heating – no more cold feet. We indulge in feeling – how about rain showers?

You may not realize it, but with every step we take towards modernizing our spaces, we’re creating new stories all the time. Consider that the next time you’re using your space!

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