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Why Does My Shower Have Cold/Lukewarm Water In The Morning?

Nothing is worse than stepping into a lukewarm shower in the morning.

One reason may be that your water heater can’t keep the water at a constant temperature.

A water heater’s thermostat is a long metal rod that expands and contracts as the water temperature changes. This turns on and off the burners that heat the water. Why Does My Shower Have Cold/Lukewarm Water In The Morning?This rod wasn’t designed for precision. It’s not as precise as some of our modern day digital technologies. This is why your water heater temperatures fluctuate over time.

In fact, setting your water heater’s temperature to the suggested 120 degrees can cause the water to be conditioned as much as 30 degrees either way. That means if it falls to 90 degrees, which is lower than body temperature, it will be tepid to the touch.

If you get cold water in the morning, chances are you’re touching the water that was left sitting in the pipes. If it’s still cold after a few seconds, it could be because the water heater burners have yet to ignite. And they won’t ignite until you call for hot water, which is usually the first hot shower of the day.

Your water heater works this way:

  • The tank holds heated water in reserve
  • Your shower begins to draw large amounts of hot water from the tank
  • Cold water fills the tank
  • The cold water hits the metal rod, the rod expands and turns on the gas burners
  • As the water heats and reaches the set temperature, the rod contracts and the burners turn off

As you move around your home, this process takes place again and again.

How can you prevent the lukewarm showers first thing in the morning?

Providing your water heater is working properly, adjust your water heater’s temperature adjustment knob. This controls how far your temperature probe has to expand and contract before the gas burners turn on and off. This makes the burners come on more often and keep your water heater closer to your desired temperature as it comes out at the fixture.

Unless you are familiar with how the temperature adjustment knob works, we suggest having a professional look at your equipment and ensure it is in top working condition. We can ensure your water heater is working properly and provides you with the hot water you are looking for.

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