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Why Does Your Heating Bill Rise In The Winter?

Were you shocked at your last heating bill? Do your utility bills seem to rise every year, being the worst in the winter months?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone. It’s one of the biggest complaints energy companies receive from consumers wondering why their heating bills keep rising.

The biggest reason is you use more energy. That only seems obvious, right? When the temperatures fall to 30, 20, even 10 degrees or below, it’s cold outside. And in order to keep your home a comfortable temperature, your furnace has to run.

Why Does Your Heating Bill Rise In The Winter?While many of us across the Atlanta metro area use natural gas, we also use a variety of other mechanics to help heat our homes.

How about those natural gas fireplaces? Not only do they put off heat, but they create a certain ambiance that’s great for those cold nights at home. And with it turning dark outside at a much earlier time, you’re also more likely to use it from the moment you return from work. Running for hours adds to the bottom line of your heating bill.

Of course, you also do a variety of other things to get warm.

Maybe you use an electric blanket for cuddling underneath.

You wear more clothes. And those jeans, flannels, and sweaters take a lot longer to dry when you throw them into the dryer.

Or break out the crockpot and have a meal stewing all day.

Skip the salad; you want comfort food baking away in the oven.

You might even take a much longer shower, letting the warm water cascade down your back.

And all of that takes energy.

The best way to control your rising heating bills is to be conscious about where you can save.

More efficient appliances can help you reduce the cost of performing your daily tasks. Reducing waste can make your home operate more efficiently.

Want to see the best places you can save? Why not let us perform an energy audit today.

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