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Why LED Lights Are Better Than Old Technology

For many commercial properties, lighting meant installing metal halide technology. It worked well at illuminating the property with enhanced lighting options.

That’s why many properties today continue to use old technology. It worked well; why change it?Why LED Lights Are Better Than Old Technology

Still, it’s hard to ignore the recent growth with LED lights. LED technology is everywhere, and makes some pretty big promises.

If you still use metal halide on your property, should you make the jump? Is it really that much different than what you’re using now? How long before you recoup your cost if you install LED lights? Here are a few things to consider.

LED lights are better at lighting

A metal halide light is omnidirectional, which means it throws light in every direction. In most situations, that means wasted resources. Reflectors are normally installed with metal halide lights to focus light where it’s intended to go. But these reflectors aren’t very efficient, which means as much as 30 percent of the lumens are lost and not providing light to the situation.

LED lights are different. Their light is directional, which means light is focused where you want it to go. You don’t need reflectors to control the light, which means less wasted light with every fixture you install. You can put light where you want it to go.

LED lights are more efficient

The biggest issue when converting to LED is understanding how lumens work. If you used a 100 watt bulb in more traditional lighting fixtures, you can’t replace that with a 100 watt LED bulb. Instead, you focus on lumens.

If you have a 400 watt metal halide lamp, it may be producing around 20,500 lumens. By retrofitting the fixture with LED, you may move to a 150 watt LED bulb, which produces 23,350 lumens. You reduce energy and increase lighting at the same time.

LED lights have better light

One of the biggest complaints of any commercial property is the condition of the light. You’ll often have employees or tenants complaining about lights that are too bright, areas that are too dark, and rarely anything in between.

Because LED technology offers directional lighting, you can get better control over where you want the light source to land. And because LED has better quality of light with a higher color rendering index, you can more closely mimic natural light.

LED lights require lower maintenance

Need even more reason to change to LED lights? LED is easier to maintain over time. Metal halide bulbs lave a shorter lifespan and a quick drop in light quality, which means they need replacing quite often. LED lamps last considerably longer, which means your maintenance crew won’t be replacing them on a regular basis. That gives them more time to do other projects around your property that have greater impact on your bottom line.

Thinking about retrofitting your metal halide lamps with LED lights? We can help.

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