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Why Weatherization Is Important For Every Home

Did you know that almost half of your monthly energy bill is for heating and cooling your home? 

What if you could reduce that cost significantly each month with just a few home maintenance items? It’s possible. And it’s easier than you think. Weatherization uses things like air sealing and extra insulation to improve your home’s efficiency. With just a little work, you’ll see savings almost immediately. 

But there are more advantages too. Why Weatherization Is Important For Every Home

Add More Life To Your Furnace and Air Conditioner

When your home isn’t properly insulated, it allows air to escape. That makes your furnace or air conditioner work on overtime trying to compensate for the temperature variance. When a system workers harder than it has to, it wears out quicker. That means as a homeowner, you’re more likely to see more repair bills over time, and replacement will be necessary earlier than expected. 

Adds Value

Green and sustainability are key buzzwords in the real estate industry. If you can prove your home has energy efficiency and provides environmentally friendly systems, buyers will pay more for your home. 

Environmentally Friendly 

Because weatherization techniques make a home’s systems work less, there will be less pollutants released out into the environment. 

Improves Comfort and Health

Weatherization is all about creating a tighter seal on your home. If conditioned air stays where it’s supposed to, you’ll be more comfortable when you’re sitting in that room. And when air movement is dropped to a minimum, it means air pollutants can’t move within the air space either. People often see improvement with allergies, asthma, and other health issues simply by creating a better home environment. 

How can your home benefit from weatherization techniques?

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