Why You Should Consider Trenchless Technology For Commercial Pipe Repairs

Commercial pipe repairs can be costly for businesses. The older your pipes, the older the technology, the greater risk of disruption and putting your business productivity at risk.

Older cures might include destruction of sections of flooring, pavement, or concrete. It may even require the removal of landscaping. It’s not just the cost of the pipe repair; it can include any associated damage to your property and landscaping as well. Why You Should Consider Trenchless Technology For Commercial Pipe Repairs

Which is why many businesses are turning to trenchless technology for commercial pipe repairs. Although it may have a higher initial cost, the secondary costs can be considerably lower as repair will only require one or two insertion points.

If your pipes don’t have clean out ports built into them, a small hole is dug to gain access to the sewer pipe when using a trenchless repair method. This allows the plumber to clear the blockage and have access to the pipe to repair it. While some situations may still require traditional trenching to make repairs, it illuminates it in many situations.

Trenchless technology includes several methods to repair your pipes.

For example, one system is called cured-in-place, or CIPP liner. This pushes or pulls a large cloth that fits inside an existing pipe and is filled with resin once in place. The resin sets in a few hours, forming a hard, seamless shell inside the sewer pipe. This has a lifespan of about 50 years, meaning your repairs will be reduced substantially for the foreseeable future.

New trenchless technology provides an easy way to clear and repair your pipes to keep them free flowing. Like all other systems that help your commercial property run smoothly and efficiently, regular maintenance is required.

Plumbing technicians use a specially designed camera they feed down into the pipes to see what’s the condition of your pipes. This allows them to pinpoint locations that need repair or cleaning, and helps them determine the best way to proceed.

Hydro-jetting is a pressure wash system that blasts accumulated build-up from the inner walls of the pipes. It can remove things like grease, hair, paper, and other substances that have stuck to the walls.

Food services are also equipped with grease traps to separate greasy sink and drain water from the sewer system. These grease traps should be checked and regularly maintained, depending on how busy the business is, to keep everything flowing freely.

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