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What You Need To Know About Commercial Backflow

What You Need To Know About Commercial Backflow

Much of our modern day lifestyles depend on clean water. Plumbing regulations continue to be refined and upgraded to help us maintain a fresh, unpolluted supply of water, and do so in an environmentally and sustainable way.

We tend to think of plumbing systems in our homes and businesses through output – we want warm water to wash hands, clean water to brew coffee and make our daily meals. But what helps keep your water pure also depends on internal systems.

Backflow is plumbing water flowing the wrong direction – back up the pipes – due to changes in water pressure. This water can come from a variety of places, including drains, toilets, or outdoor water systems. Backflow contamination can pose a serious health hazard, which is why homes and buildings have plumbing devices that prevent water reversal.

Plumbing connects to a range of water sources and destinations, from municipal reservoirs to septic systems. If water flows in the wrong direction, these sources mix together. The results range drastically:

No risk – water comes from a potable resource, and the water is essentially the same as drinking water.

Low Toxicity – backflow runs from a non-potable but nontoxic source, such as a water storage tank or untreated water reservoir. Minor illnesses may occur.

Serious risk – when backflow comes from toxic materials, like human waste, chemicals, and pesticides, they pose serious health risks. Severe illness requiring hospitalization can occur.

In most cases, you can spot a backflow problem immediately. You will notice water coming up through your drains, pooling near hookups and in sinks. You may notice a slight discolorization in the water supply, usually turning brown or a slight yellow or pink. It can also take on a foul odor.

While a proper backflow device should be in place, it is important that they are installed by a reputable plumber and are checked and maintained on a regular basis. Annual inspections safeguard against major hazards that could impact not only your living and working environment, but also your health.

If you have concerns about the possibility of backflow, call our professional plumbers immediately.

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