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Air Duct Cleaning in Sugar Hill, Georgia

The ductwork in your Sugar Hill home or business is one of the most oft ignored and neglected part of any HVAC system. Why? Out of sight, out of mind, mostly. But this certainly shouldn’t be the case! The ductwork of your system is one of its most crucial aspects, ensuring that good, clean air is piped into your home. It also ensures that the air is free of contaminants and has a major impact on overall performance!

The certified experts at R.S. Andrews take cleaning your air ducts seriously and offer industry-leading skill and technology to ensure your air duct cleaning gets done right! We make a point to provide only the very best to our consumers. Story after story, we deliver smiles! Why? Because a strong business relationship builds upon future success, both for you, and for us!

Is your Sugar Hill home’s ductwork in need of some serious attention? Contact our team today to find out how we can help you best, either online or over the phone at 770-913-6412.

How Air Duct Cleaning Benefits Sugar Hill Homeowners

Clean air ducts contribute to:

  • Better air quality. Your home can generate forty pounds of dust on an annual basis. And unfortunately, much of that ends up in your ductwork. Alongside other common air contaminants, such as pet dander and home chemicals, these can dramatically reduce the quality of air in your Sugar Hill area home. This problem contributes to increased allergies and illness, both of which can be mitigated greatly with a good cleaning of your home’s ductwork.
  • Higher energy-efficiency. The filter in your HVAC system can’t stop everything, and much of the contaminants and pollution will work against your system, dropping efficiency dramatically. A clean duct has to work much less to get the same job done, thus saving you in the costs of heating and cooling.

We’re certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association for our thorough removal methods. We abide by industry standards set forth by the NADCA in all our work, ensuring that our inspections, cleaning, and restorations are completed by trained professionals. As a member of the NADCA, we are proud to follow their standards and certifications for working on air ducts in the home.

Signs You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Sugar Hill, GA

As a rule of thumb, if they look dirty, they need to be cleaned. You generally want your ducts cleaned every few years. However, there are a few situations that may cause you to need a cleaning more frequently. These include:

  • Sensitivity to allergens. If you, or anyone in your home, suffers from allergy-related complications, a duct cleaning should be in order fairly frequently.
  • Your Sugar Hill home has undergone upgrades or renovation recently. Remodeling and construction generates a huge mess, and loads of it will end up in your ducts. It’s a really good idea to get a solid duct cleaning after any major (or maybe even minor, depending on the nature of the job) remodeling.
  • You own pets. Pet dander can skyrocket the amount of contaminants present in your duct system and necessitate a more frequent cleaning schedule.
  • You’ve noticed a hike in your energy costs. Many issues could be the culprit here, dirty ductwork being one of them.
  • You’ve recently moved. If you’ve moved into a new home in Sugar Hill, it’s a really good idea to start things off right with a clean duct system. Odds are, it hasn’t been cleaned in ages!

If cleaning your air ducts makes little to no difference with your energy efficiency, R.S. Andrews provide ductwork evaluations and modifications. Learn more about our ductwork services in Sugar Hill!

Why Choose R.S. Andrews for Sugar Hill Duct Cleaning?

We’ve been serving Sugar Hill, GA since 1968. That’s nearly 50 years! In this time, we’ve built a team of specialists that lead the pack in skill, knowledge and service, providing your home with the absolute best the industry can muster. Our work is absolutely guaranteed, 100%, and we never rest until you’re fully satisfied!

Your individual needs are our number one priority, and our professionals make a point in keeping you in the loop on every step of a job. If your home is in need of duct cleaning, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

For more information, please download our duct cleaning brochure.

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