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Circuit Breaker Service in the Atlanta Area

The breakers in your Atlanta home’s electric panel play a vital role in keeping your home safe and your electrical system running smoothly. But they aren’t immune to having problems, and can be a big source of stress if something happens to go wrong. If you’re having trouble with your home circuit breakers, you need professional help to get things back in working order. You need the electricians at R.S. Andrews!

Our certified electricians offer complete circuit breaker services including repair and replacement, helping you keep access to safe, secure, and reliable electricity. With decades of experience, extensive training, and the best tools in the business, no one else can give you the fast, precise services that an R.S. Andrews expert can.

Need breaker or breaker panel services in Atlanta, Georgia or the surrounding areas? Contact an R.S. Andrews electrician online today to schedule your service, or call us at 770-913-6412 for superior solutions!

Signs You Need Breaker Repair or Replacement

Depending on the root issue, you may be able to restore proper service in your home with a repair service. But more often than not, replacement is your better option. But don’t worry! Either service is a quick one with an expert on your side.

Keep an eye out for these possible signs that you need service:

  • The breaker trips constantly. If the circuit a breaker is protecting is drawing on too much power, its job is to trip, shutting off the circuit safely. However a damaged or worn breaker may begin to trip all the time, with no obvious source.
  • The breaker is hot to the touch or is buzzing. When your circuit is constantly in use, or the draw of power is high (such as it would be if a dryer/hair dryer/space heater is on) it’s not that odd for a breaker to get slightly warm. But if the breaker is hot, or emitting a low hum or buzz, you need electrical service right away. We’d also recommend not using the breaker/circuit at all until you’ve had an electrician come by.
  • The breaker will not stay engaged. Similar to a constantly tripping breaker, one that has worn even farther (or taken on more damage) may refuse to re engage at all. If this happens, the breaker will certainly need to be replaced.
  • Your home electrical is acting up. Many, many issues can cause your home’s electrical to start flubbing. The lights may start flickering, or maybe appliances you normally use are tripping breakers or blowing fuses. Most typically, however, this will all lead back to your electrical panel, and may necessitate a complete panel replacement. Especially if you don’t get service soon enough, so be sure to make it a priority!

Breaker Repair & Replacement in Atlanta

When you need services for your home, you want a team that puts you first. And for our team, that’s a given! Story after story, we deliver smiles. We do this by focusing on your needs, and offering top-class, reliable service in all we do. When you need breaker services or electrical solutions, contact R.S. Andrews!

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