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Atlanta Electrical Installations

Looking for a team to handle your Atlanta electrical installations? Shopping contractors and home service providers can be stressful when you’re not sure what to look for. That only worsens if you are confronted with confusing fees, complicated work schedules, and explanations that don’t tell you anything useful. Therefore, the specialists at R.S. Andrews strive to make choosing our electrical services a no-brainer. We offer top-quality skills, industry-leading products and technology, and the best service.

Simplicity is the name of the game here at R.S. Andrews. We discuss every project step with our consumers, ensuring all aspects are understood and easily digestible. We take our work seriously, bringing a service that displays honesty, integrity, and unmatched knowledge and skill.

Interested in how our electrical installations can help you? Schedule a service online or over the phone at 770-913-6412! We’re always available and ready to deliver smiles!

Electric Installs With the Electrical Contractors at R.S. Andrews

You need to know that any wiring upgrades or additions to your home are done correctly and in compliance with the code. By working with the certified technicians at R.S. Andrews, you won’t have to worry about the long-term safety and performance of any electrical installation we perform. Our team will be glad to leverage our years of experience and training to assist you with:

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee isn’t just there for bravado! The promise says that our electricians provide you with work you can be proud of, and we absolutely will not rest until we’ve met your highest expectations!

With our services, you’ll be kept in the loop on each step of the project, ensuring complete transparency and understanding the whole way through. This way, we can be sure you’re getting exactly what you want on each job we handle, and there will be no confusion or difficulty during the process.

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Why Choose the Electrical Contractors at R.S. Andrews?

Your specific needs and goals are important to us, and to ensure we can meet them, we staff only the best electrical technicians. Our associates display not only top-class skills and training but also a need to please. An electrician must be knowledgeable, capable, courteous, honest, and dependable! We guarantee our service as strongly as our ability and put only our best at your doorstep.

We’ve built our reputation on never-ending excellence, resulting in a successful business happily at it for nearly 50 years! We pledge to bring skill, service, and smiles to every project. Why smiles? Because at R.S. Andrews, we don’t want our services for your home to stop at a single instance. We strive to build a lasting business relationship with all our consumers and one that will benefit everyone!

For more information about how our electrical services can benefit you, contact the professionals at R.S. Andrews today by calling 770-913-6412.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make electrical installations myself?

In most cases, electrical DIY ultimately means paying someone else to figure out what you did and fix it later. Even if you’re confident in your DIY skills and know how to take necessary precautions, electrical work isn’t something you want to undertake without the requisite expertise. In addition to the immediate danger of working with electricity and the long-term risks that a minor mistake can cause, there are matters of code compliance and practices that can have unexpected consequences even if everything ultimately works right.

Why would I need a new electrical panel?

Panels experience wear and tear over time, just like the rest of your electrical system. If you’ve noticed breakers flipping for no reason or odd behavior in your electrical system, your panel can frequently be the culprit. A panel box can also prove to be outdated for modern high-energy appliances, or you might decide you want a new panel installed with new dedicated circuits for something like a personal computer.

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Professional Electrical Installations in Atlanta, Georgia

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