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Electric Furnace Services in Atlanta, GA

When the temperatures drop in Atlanta, an electric furnace is an attractive option to keep your home heated. These systems heat your home using electricity instead of natural gas, so there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. They also have longer lifespans than gas furnaces. If you have an electric furnace, or you think one might be a good option for your home, R.S. Andrews can help you maintain, repair, replace, or install an electric furnace in your Atlanta-area home.

We’ve been offering expert and timely solutions to Atlanta area clients for years, providing the best in complete furnace services. Whether you’re in need of swift and dependable repair or even a full electric furnace installation, we’re the professionals you can always turn to.

Our certified heating experts offer:

  • Electric furnace installation
  • Electric furnace replacement
  • Electric furnace repair
  • Electric furnace maintenance

Call the experts at R.S. Andrews today at 770-913-6412 or contact us online for electric furnace services in Atlanta, GA.

Electric Furnace Repair

Your electric furnace has a long lifespan, but every furnace will eventually need repairs. When your electric furnace malfunctions, turn to R.S. Andrews for fast and efficient repair services. Our specialists use the best diagnostic tools and training in the industry in order to provide repairs that get to the root of the issue as quickly and as accurately as possible.

Contact our electric furnace repair experts if:

  • Your electric furnace won’t run
  • Your electric furnace runs, but doesn’t produce enough heat
  • Your electric furnace turns on and off repeatedly
  • Your electric furnace is noisy
  • Your electric furnace heats some rooms too much and others too little

24-Hour Electric Furnace Repair

When your furnace suddenly stops working in the middle of winter, it’s hard to know whether you’re going to need a simple repair or if you’re going to have to replace the whole unit. One thing’s for sure – you need expert help, and you need it fast! R.S. Andrews offers 24-Hour HVAC repair in Atlanta, GA, so that you and your family aren’t left in the cold. Our friendly, reliable technicians will be at your house as soon as possible to minimize downtime and restore comfort to your family.

For reliable electric furnace repair in Atlanta – day or night – contact us online  or call 770-913-6412!

Electric Furnace Installation & Replacement

With an average lifespan of 20-30 years, a new electric furnace is a smart investment for your home and family. But even the best unit won’t run efficiently or last as long with improper installation or sizing. The expert team at R.S. Andrews can help you choose the perfect unit for your needs. We’ll size your unit according to your home’s square footage for maximum performance and efficiency. Then we’ll install your new furnace, optimizing it for dependable performance and optimal efficiency.

If you already have an electric furnace but you’re not happy with its performance, it might be time for a replacement. Frequent repairs, high energy bills, and insufficient heating are all signs that it might be more cost effective to replace your old furnace with a new one. Our experts can provide a complete assessment of your electric furnace and help you choose the ideal replacement to suit your comfort needs.

When you’re ready for a new electric furnace in your Atlanta home, call R.S. Andrews for expert furnace replacement & installation. Contact us online or call 770-913-6412 today!

Electric Furnace Maintenance

To keep your electric furnace running smoothly and avoid costly breakdowns, R.S. Andrews recommends getting a tune-up once a year before the cold weather sets in. Preventative maintenance will not only keep your system from needing repairs, it will also ensure that it runs at maximum efficiency, saving you money on energy costs. Our furnace maintenance specialists provide a thorough system cleaning and calibration, as well as complete part checks to ensure the health and longevity of your electric furnace.

Complete Electric Furnace Services in Atlanta

At R.S. Andrews, we’re always on your side when you need furnace service you can trust. That’s why we offer a 100% service guarantee on every single project. Our technicians are trained in installation processes of various systems, and we always follow industry standards and code regulations. We’re fully committed to giving you the best customer experience every time you call.

Between our upfront pricing, financing options, and stellar customer service, you won’t want to use any other HVAC company for your electric furnace needs. So call R.S. Andrews today and find out what your neighbors already know: Story After Story, We Deliver Smiles!

Ready to smile? Call the experts at R.S. Andrews today at 770-913-6412 or contact us online for electric furnace services in Atlanta, GA.

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