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Guide to HVAC Maintenance For Homeowners

Every year, Atlanta homeowners and its surrounding metro areas encounter various temperatures and weather conditions. However, we are fortunate that our HVAC systems always come through for us, which is why we assist you, our fellow homeowners, in maintaining your HVAC systems properly.

This article will fill you in on all you need to know about maintaining your HVAC system regularly.

Daily HVAC Maintenance Tips

Since they are basic, you can and should independently address a few specific HVAC repair concerns. There is no need for specialized equipment or training; all necessary is a short time each day. The following are some easy steps to support the system and maintain your level of comfort throughout the year.

Check the filters in your heating and cooling system. While some filters are reusable, some are appropriate for one-time use and must be replaced. Filters need to be cleaned or replaced when they get clogged, which may take anywhere from 30 days to 12 months, depending on the type of filter your system has.

Always change out the air filter. Maximum airflow and filtration are connected to consistent temperature control, improved indoor air quality, and decreased operating costs. These benefits may all be attributed to increased energy efficiency. So, during the warmer seasons, you should change the filter at least once every month if you have the standard 1” filter type. 

Make sure no debris is blocking the exterior part of the A/C unit. During the summer, keeping the area surrounding the central air conditioning condenser clear of overgrown weeds and other plants is essential. Maintain a clear space of at least 2 feet on all sides of the unit. This ensures the maximum amount of airflow is achieved via the side vents.

Check for any telltale indicators of a leak. The condensate drain pan under the HVAC interior air handler gathers several gallons of moisture daily while the air conditioner operates. Daily inspection of the drain pan has to be part of the HVAC system’s regular monthly maintenance throughout the cooling season. If you find water standing within, there is a good chance of a blockage developing, resulting in an overflow. Please get in touch with your HVAC contractor for repair service.

Conduct a thorough inspection of the room’s vents. All supply and return vents must have total openings and no obstructions to balance the cooling and heating airflow. Ensure the supply vents on each room’s top walls or floors are open, and nothing is blocking them, like furniture or curtains. In some houses, there is a return vent in each room, but in others, there is only one large return vent in the hallway. There must be no impediments to the movement of air into these vents.

Monthly Maintenance Tips

You may save money on heating and cooling units by doing a few simple maintenance tips monthly. The good news is that most of these chores are suitable for do-it-yourselfers, can be completed using standard tools found around the home, and do not need a lot of money. 

Let’s look at a few things you need to do monthly: Check the controls to guarantee the correct and secure system functioning. To ensure the HVAC unit begins, functions, and turns down accurately, you should check the starting cycle of the equipment.

Make sure the filter on the Kitchen vent hood is clean. When required, either clean or replace. If you have someone who cooks at home regularly, you need to check the vent hood filter regularly.

Check and replace HVAC filters as needed.

Maintain vigilance for leaks in the vicinity of sinks and toilets. Any evidence of water in a location where it shouldn’t be is a reason for extra study. Every year, even a little leak may cost hundreds of dollars.

Walk around outdoors for a while. You spend a lot of time outdoors, but how frequently do you genuinely inspect the surrounding? Always take your time to review the foundation, vents, gutters, and drainpipes as you go around the property.

Yearly Maintenance Tips

Every year, your home and its various components age a year, just like you. The same goes for the HVAC unit. So, here are some yearly home maintenance tips to keep your home and HVAC unit in good working condition.

Drain your water heater yearly. Sediment that develops in the heater’s bottom might limit its longevity. In this case, take your time to ensure you clean up the water heater once in a while

Always schedule annual or biannual HVAC maintenance. Apart from following the above daily and monthly maintenance tips for your HVAC unit, always schedule annual HVAC maintenance with a professional heating and cooling service near you. With this, you can be sure of a long-lasting unit. 

Ensure you clean out the exhaust from the dryer. The lint accumulation in the dryer may make it less efficient and might even present a fire risk. It is estimated that around 15,500 home fires are started each year due to clothes dryers. So, always ensure the dryer vent is clean. 

Your Trusted Atlanta Heating and Cooling Service

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