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Humidifier Installation & Replacement in the Atlanta Area

During our hot summers, a proper cooling system is absolutely vital to home comfort. But while good quality air conditioning is fairly simple to come by (especially if you work with our HVAC team!), it present some other issues for your home when you’re all cooped up for the season. A cooling system naturally dehumidifies your home, making the air feel dry and dusty. And the winter, between dry outdoor air, and your furnace, is even worse!

Luckily, there are excellent options to help you restore healthy moisture and keep your home feeling as comfy as can be–home humidifier systems. Humidifiers are perfect for helping you keep cozy all year long, and can keep your home in the optimal humidity range no matter what may come.

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Home Humidifier Installation

When you need a solution that helps you stay in the right humidity range in your home, our experts can help. We take your unique needs into account, including personal preference, home measurements, and HVAC type, in order to assist you in choosing the absolute perfect home humidifier product for meeting your needs.

Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

You’ll feel the biggest comfort benefits in the wintertime to be sure, but when your AC is blowing full-force it can dry out your home nearly as easily as the furnace. But moist air is more than just some thing! It provides huge benefits, including:

  • Improved health and reduced allergy symptoms. Home air that is too dry can irritate skin, cause nosebleeds, and worsen a cough. With proper humidity levels, these symptoms are mitigated and prevented. And additionally, moistened air doesn’t as readily carry dust and other allergens.
  • A more comfortable home. When your home is below the ideal humidity range, it’s going to make you feel uncomfortable. Your home feels dry, and kind of chilly, even with the furnace on full power. But when you keep that ideal humidity range (35-50%), your furnace doesn’t have to work as hard because you’ll feel warmer.
  • Protection for home valuables and possessions. Dry air sucks the life out of wood, leaving it warped, cracked, and thirsty. This can dramatically reduce the visual appeal and the lifespan of wood floors and furniture, as well as make the paint in your home crackle and peel.
  • An energy-efficiency boost. You’ll feel warmer in the winter, and comfortable in the summer. This can actually help you save on energy costs, too, since properly humidified air more readily carries heat from the furnace, and cooling from the ac, allowing you to drop the system a degree or two and cut energy costs by as much as ten percent.

Home Humidifier Installation in Atlanta with R.S. Andrews

For complete home comfort solutions, you can rely on our team to bring you the best. We’ve handled and installed countless humidifier systems for Atlanta homeowners, meaning we carry the experience and training needed to help you get the perfect solution to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started, or to get your consultation date set!

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