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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Atlanta

Ductless mini-split systems are one of the most popular heating and cooling options available in Atlanta today, because they are small, unobtrusive, and energy-efficient. By eliminating the ductwork found in a typical air conditioning system, a ductless mini-split avoids the energy loss that is inherent to air ducts, which often leak and are poorly-insulated. In the Atlanta area, ductless systems are a great choice for older homes, additions, or even new homes.

At R.S. Andrews, we have extensive experience with ductless mini-split systems, including new installations and system replacements.

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Benefits of Installing a New Ductless Mini-Split Systems

A ductless mini-split HVAC unit distributes air directly into the area that requires heating or cooling, using a small indoor air handler and an outdoor compressor unit. The two halves are connected through a small passage in a wall, floor, or ceiling. This makes the system easy to install, and with optional zoning, one compressor unit can power several indoor units, allowing independent temperature control for each zone.

Because of their design, ductless mini-splits offer many benefits, including:

  • High Energy-Efficiency: The elimination of air ducts reduces energy usage and utility costs compared to traditional systems.
  • Simple Installation: With no air ducts to construct, mini-splits are easier and quicker to install than central air systems.
  • Optional Zoning: With multiple air handlers, each zone can be a different temperature, and money can be saved by reducing cooling for infrequently-used areas.

To learn more about the benefits of ductless systems, contact our cooling experts at R.S. Andrews today!

The Ductless Mini-Split Installation Process

Ductless mini-splits can be installed quickly and easily by a professional, minimizing your inconvenience and reducing your installation costs compared to other systems. Each indoor air handler can be installed in one of several positions, allowing you to select the most unobtrusive location, and there are also multiple options for locating the compressor unit, in most cases.

The two halves are then connected with refrigerant and electric lines that run through a small 4 to 6 inch passage in the wall. Because the process requires very little construction, ductless systems are perfect for adding air conditioning to older homes that lack it, or for new additions that have no connection to the main HVAC system.

At R.S Andrews, our team can install your new ductless system quickly and efficiently, and we will make sure you are satisfied with the installation before we leave. Contact our team today for an installation quote!

When to Consider Replacing a Ductless Mini-Split

As your ductless mini-split ages, it will become less efficient due to wear, and it will start to require frequent repairs. Eventually it will be more cost-effective to simply replace it. Here are a few indications that it is time for a new ductless system:

  • Reduced cooling performance
  • Frequent repairs
  • Excessive energy usage
  • The system is over 15 years old

With a new mini-split, utility costs will be significantly reduced, thanks to its greater energy-efficiency, and you will eliminate unnecessary repairs.

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