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You may not consider your garbage disposal to be all that complex. After all, you toss in some scraps, flip a switch and then it’s done, right? Well, sure, but in actuality your disposal is comprised of a moderately complex series of working parts, including both mechanical and plumbing. So, when you need a garbage disposal repair, who can you call on to be sure all of these myriad working elements can be handled accurately, professionally and quickly? The professionals at R.S. Andrews, that’s who!

Our experts have all the skill and training necessary to ensure your garbage disposal repair goes off without a hitch. Our team builds itself upon excellence in all regards, delivering the very best to our consumers on every project.

The professionals at R.S. Andrews are at the ready to assist with your garbage disposal repair! Contact us today, either online, or over the phone at 770-913-6412. We’re always available, and ready to deliver smiles with our top-notch service!

Why Do I Need Garbage Disposal Maintenance?

You may not feel that garbage disposal maintenance is quite necessary, but honestly, you couldn’t be further from the truth! In homes equipped with disposers, food waste accounts for nearly twenty percent of the overall waste traversing your sewer line. That’s huge, and with a malfunctioning disposal, you’re looking at loads of waste ending up in places it shouldn’t. This can lead to foul odors, clogs and a potential need for costly garbage disposal repair.

Don’t let your disposal sit and rot, call on our team of professionals today for garbage disposal maintenance! We can handle any issue that may arise, mechanical and plumbing both.

Garbage Disposal Repair In Atlanta, GA

A garbage disposal that has broken down, or encountered plumbing issues can lead to all sorts of trouble. Sure, you can simply not use it for a while and get away with it, but this poses greater issues you may not have considered. Considering the nature of a disposal, leaving it to sit for extended periods can lead to:

  • Further complications with plumbing
  • Existing waste within disposal will rot, leading to foul smells
  • Potential further damage to mechanisms

Beyond these complications, many homes (Nearly fifty percent of them in the United States, in fact!) have come to depend on disposals for reliable waste removal. Not having access to this tool means more waste gets to landfills, where it can present larger complications for the overall environment. When you need a garbage disposal repair in Atlanta, GA, contact the professionals at R.S. Andrews right away!

Garbage Disposal Repair Simple Tips For Homeowners

Whether in use all of the time, or infrequently, even a disposal in pristine condition can occasionally get a little funky. Try out a couple quick tips to keep your disposal (and kitchen) fresh and odor-free:

  • Combine ice chips and lemon rind in your disposal and grind away. Be sure to let it all process completely for about thirty seconds.
  • Run your disposal with slightly warm water and pour a capful of dish detergent in, letting it mix up for a brief period of time. This is also great for getting rid of grease and grime that builds up in your disposal.

Professional Garbage Disposal Installations and Repairs in Atlanta, GA

Need garbage disposal repair in Atlanta? We’ve been a trusted fixture in the Atlanta area for going on fifty years now. In that time, we’ve built a team that exemplifies all of the R.S. Andrew’s values. We pride ourselves on honesty, skill and unparalleled service!  Contact our team today, and let us know what we can do to help you best.

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