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Save Money, Better Lighting

Have you noticed your electricity prices rising over the years? There’s a reason for that. 

The price of electricity depends on a lot of things: fuel prices, the cost of building new power plants, distribution system logistics, regulations, even the weather can play a role in how high your bill climbs each month. Save Money, Better Lighting

Your energy consumption is based on several systems inside your home. While your heating and cooling system is the greatest expenditure, your lighting isn’t far behind. According to the American Lighting Association, lighting can account for as much as 25 percent of the average electric bill. 

The most obvious way to save money each month is to turn off your lights when they aren’t in use. If they aren’t operating, they won’t cost you money. But that savings can only go so far. Try these ways to save too.


The best way to improve your lighting is by updating every light in your home. We naturally think of replacing lamps and other lighting fixtures sitting out in the open of every room, but don’t forget to dig deeper too. What about the recessed lighting throughout your home? What about exterior lighting? Pick a room, and start replacing. Not only will LED save you in how much you spend on your electric bill each month, but you’ll also save by not having to replace the bulb as frequently as before. 

Change Your Switches

Lighting doesn’t have to be an on/off task. Every room in your home can become more efficient by giving your lighting new opportunity. Consider replacing light switches with dimmers. That way you can select an appropriate level of lighting depending on the mood. You can also install sensors that switch lights on and off based on movement. This can stop burning bulbs when no one is in the room to use it. Also, consider a modern upgrade by turning your lighting smart. This allows you to control lighting from an app on your phone. Instead of having lighting on when you’re away from home, turn lights off at the touch of a button. 

Install Ceiling Fans

We love ceiling fans, especially when you combine them with a lighting package. They’re a great way to conserve electricity all year long. While ceiling fans won’t control the temperature in the room, they will create air movement, which makes you feel cooler. That means you can turn up your air conditioner a few degrees and save money there, while remaining cool at the same time. Reverse the fan in the winter and help send lighter, warmer air back down to where you and your family are sitting. And when you combine it with LED lights that throw directional light wherever you choose, you’re going to love how beautiful it is to save money too. 

How will you be saving money on your lighting this year?

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