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5 Reasons Your House May Smell

Have you ever entered your house after it’s sat all day and wondered what the smell is? Especially after a long, hard winter when you haven’t been able to open a window in months, your house takes on a funny smell. What is it?

Today’s homes are more energy efficient than ever before. That means we’ve 5 Reasons Your House May Smellsealed them every which way. We have triple pane windows installed. We get the highest rated furnaces and air conditioners. We insulate everything. We’ve built a tight envelope inside our homes. 

But that’s not always a good thing. There might be a problem with that. And it might be the reason your house smells. 

Your house may not have the proper ventilation

Energy efficiency isn’t just about sealing the cracks and leaks. Many home builders are so focused on energy ratings that they forget one tiny detail: ventilation. Every home needs a certain amount of fresh air. If you live in a tightly sealed home, improving your ventilation can also improve your indoor air quality. 

It might be your drain

Sometimes you can pinpoint the smell right away. Your nose leads you straight into the bathroom – and then nothing is there. It could be sewer gases rising to the surface. First, check out sink traps. These tiny U-shaped drain lines under the sink can act as an odor plug. Empty the trap. You should also clean your drain occasionally by pouring boiling water to loosen debris and wash away potential odor problems. If a bathroom is used infrequently, such as a basement bathroom or guest room bathroom, be sure to include these in your regular cleaning maintenance. 

It might be your HVAC system

When your air conditioner or furnace turns on, it blows air throughout the ductwork and into the rooms of your home. Whatever lives inside the ducts has the potential to impact your air quality. 

Does it vaguely smell like a bathroom everywhere? Urine has a strong ammonia smell. If rodents somehow got into your air handling system and built a nest, that smell can carry throughout your home. 

Or maybe it’s a problem with your insulation. Stick your head up into the attic space. Is there a musty smell? While some insulation products do have a distinct smell, it might be a leak has caused parts of the insulation to break down and start to rot or disintegrate. And that can leave a bad smell as your HVAC system circulates air throughout your home. 

It can also be leaks anywhere in the line. The HVAC system is designed as a complete system. If there are any holes or leaks, it will suck in dust and odors from the surrounding area and redistribute them throughout the house. Solving this issue can require a complete checkup from an HVAC technician. 

It might be your basement

Basements are often cooler, damper, more humid than any other room in your home. If you frequently notice dampness when you step down the stairs, you need to do whatever it takes to keep it dry. A damp basement can lead to unhealthy air quality throughout your home. 

Have any additional problems with odors and smells throughout your home? 

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