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5 Things That Can Damage Your Plumbing System

What’s one of the most vital systems within your home? Your plumbing system connects from the street through your property and into your home via an intricate network of pipes and fittings. Sadly, many things can seriously damage it and cause severe problems for you.

Harsh Chemicals

5 Things That Can Damage Your Plumbing SystemThink about what you send down the drain every day. Cosmetic and personal products, soaps, cleaners – even gentle products can take a toll. Now imagine what harsh chemicals can do to your pipes. It might seem like a quick fix to put drain cleaner or clog removal products down the drain, but those same chemicals that can break through a clog can also do severe damage to your pipes.

Do It Yourself Fixes

We’ve all had a drip here and a small leak there that we attempt to fix ourselves. But if you don’t do it the correct way, it can lead to more problems down the road. It may no longer drip from the faucet in the sink, but that doesn’t mean a puddle isn’t forming behind a wall.


We take great pride in having a lush lawn and beautiful landscaping. But the roots of your trees and shrubs can take its toll on your water main. Roots look for water sources, and if your water and sewer line is in sight, they can infiltrate the system and cause leaks and backups.


What does grease do when it cools? In solidifies. When you send it down your pipes, it sticks to the inside walls of the pipe as it cools. Eventually, that buildup is enough to wreak havoc on your plumbing system.


There are only a few things that should be sent down the drain and into the sewer line. Everything else has the potential to cause a problem.

Garbage disposals can handle small amounts of food. But they aren’t designed as trash receptacles. Never put bones, stringy items such as corn or celery, or large amounts of starchy foods such as pasta or rice down the disposal. Also, teach kids that only toilet paper should be flushed down the toilet. Everything else can cause a backup somewhere within the system.

Clearly, the plumbing system has its share of potential problems. But with a little common sense and regular maintenance, your plumbing can work effortlessly every time.

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