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Get Your Plumbing Tuned-Up and Save $$$

R.S. Andrews Plumbing and HVAC ExpertsWhen it comes to plumbing maintenance for Atlanta homeowners, we at R.S. Andrews want to remind you that proactively maintaining your home’s plumbing is practically guaranteed to save you big money and even bigger headaches down the road. The best way to do this is to schedule a whole-house plumbing system inspection from R.S. Andrews now, before something breaks or malfunctions, and we’ve devised the Smiley’s Clean Pipes Tune-Up to give Atlanta residents a comprehensive and effective assessment of their system while we’re making sure that everything is functioning at optimal efficiency.

Once you give it some thought, it’s clear that your plumbing system is quite complex. That’s why Smiley’s Clean Pipes Tune-Up includes over 50 separate points of inspection, all designed to ensure that we have an accurate diagnostic of your system that our expert plumbers can use to dial in each and every parameter to maximize efficiency and save you from trouble in the future.

You can read the full lowdown on Smiley’s tune-up over on our plumbing maintenance page, but here is a quick summary of some of the items on our technicians’ checklist:

  • Checking all pipes, both inside and outside the house, exposed or hidden behind walls, floors, ceilings or your home’s foundation for evidence of leaks
  • Testing of your water pressure to make sure it’s neither too high, a common source of leaks, or too low, which can lead to sediment buildup
  • Testing of your home’s water quality to ensure your family’s health isn’t at risk from contaminated water, in addition to an overall Safety Survey of your plumbing’s risk factors
  • Inspection of your toilets, showers, and other bathroom elements
  • Full water heater inspection to ensure safe and efficient operation

Our technicians are highly trained and certified at the highest level, so it’s no surprise that Atlanta has trusted R.S. Andrews to keep their plumbing and HVAC systems running smoothly for over 40 years. When you call us to schedule a plumbing tune-up, you can rest assured that the plumber we send will have the full strength of the R.S. Andrews 100% satisfaction guarantee behind him.

So give us a call now, and we’ll make sure your plumbing system is running at its highest level so you don’t face unexpected and expensive surprises in the future. And don’t forget to check out all of our great plumbing specials, perfect for taking advantage of when you schedule your plumbing tune-up – we’ve got great warranties on new water heaters, a complete sewer line camera inspection and drain clearing for just $139 (a $450 value), and so much more!

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