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Are You Making These Plumbing Mistakes?

As a plumbing service, we walk into a lot of problems every day. And while we understand the need for homeowners to try and solve some problems on their own, there are many things that cause the problem to escalate rather than go away. 

Have you found yourself making any of these mistakes?Are You Making These Plumbing Mistakes?

Mistake #1: Using chemical cleaners

When the drain backs up, it’s natural for a homeowner to reach for a drain cleaner they purchase from their favorite big box store. What we tell our customers is those chemical drain cleaners do more harm than good. Not only are the chemicals they’re handling dangerous, evenly deadly if used the wrong way, but they’re destroying their plumbing system in the process. 

Mistake #2: Not knowing where the main water valve is

What happens when a sink or toilet starts to overflow? Or a pipe breaks and floods your home? Do you know where the main water valve is to turn off the water flow? This simple act can help save hundreds, even thousands of gallons of water from dumping onto your floors. You should also teach everyone in your family where shut-off valves for each of your appliances too. 

Mistake #3: Using cleaner or freshener tablets

While these tablets promise a cleaner, fresher smelling toilet that will last for weeks, what they’re actually delivering is chemicals to the water supply. And chemicals that sit in your toilet nonstop, 24 hours of the day will do more damage to the system over time. 

Mistake #4: Flushing the wrong things down your toilet

Just because they’re labeled flushable doesn’t make it so. These days, manufacturers are labeling more things as flushable for “ease of use” and “convenience”. However, flushable wipes, toilet scrubbers, makeup pads, even some feminine hygiene products are not flushable. You’ll eventually pay the price. 

Mistake #5: Your water heater is outdated

Water heaters are only expected to last 8 to 12 years. If your water heater is nearing the end of its useful life, an update can help improve efficiencies while ensuring you won’t face leaks or even a bursting water heater down the road. 

Mistake #6: You overload the garbage disposal

Your garbage disposal isn’t meant for sending scraps from your entire meal down the drain. The more you send down it, the greater your chance of a clog. Also avoid things like grease, pasta and rice, coffee grinds, stringy vegetables like celery or corn, that can damage the disposal and continue to build up in your pipes over time. 

Mistake #7: You don’t repair and maintain

When is the last time you called in a plumber for regular maintenance for your plumbing system? Hoses wear out over time. Water heaters burst. Anything connected to the water supply has the potential for flooding. If you can’t remember the last time you repaired hoses or checked for leaks, now is the time. 

We’re here to provide you with all the plumbing maintenance and repair work you need, 24/7, when you need it most. 

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