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How To Make Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient

Want to make your bathroom more energy efficient? There are two things to consider:

  • Water usage
  • Energy usage

Bathrooms use water. A lot of water. But did you know it takes a lot of energy to push that water in and out of your home too? About one-fifth of the energy we use is created solely to pump and transfer water where it needs to go. Focusing in on both will reduce your monthly fee on both your water bill and your electric bill. How To Make Your Bathroom More Energy Efficient

Where should you start?

High Efficiency Shower Heads

Most standard shower heads pump out 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If you upgrade to a modern high efficiency shower head, you can reduce that rate by half or more. And what’s even better is today’s shower heads don’t compromise on water flow just to save water. You can easily turn your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere without increasing the amount of water you use for each shower. 

High Efficiency Faucets

Like shower heads, you can also increase energy efficiency by upgrading to high efficiency faucets. The newest models are built to keep water flow at a maximum while decreasing the amount of water used to give you a high pressure water stream. Be sure to watch for drips and leaks; even tiny leaks can add up to huge waste over time. 

Low Flow Toilets

Many homeowners have replaced their toilets years ago with low flow options. But did you know you have options to save even more? How about switching to a dual-flush toilet? It allows you to control how much water you use with each flush. 

Is your bathroom as energy efficient as it can be?

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