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How To Survive A Day Without Electricity

Every day, we use electricity for almost everything we do. We rarely stop to think about the impact it has on our daily lives.

Until it stops.

Then all of a sudden you realize how much a part of our lives it is. We take it for granted. We expect it to be there. All day through.How To Survive A Day Without Electricity

Alarm – whether you use an alarm clock or your smartphone, chances are it used electricity to operate or to charge.

Lights – try showering in the dark.

Shower – it’s going to be a cold experience without electricity to warm the water in your water heater.

Coffee maker – that warm brew won’t be waiting for you as you head out on your way to work.

Garage door opener – you may be late for work if you can’t get your garage door open.

Elevator and escalator – hope you don’t work too high up in your office building. You’ll be taking the stairs.

Computers – you might not have much to do once you arrive at work. With everything stored online and on laptops and desktops, you won’t have access to any of your data.

Oven – dinner is going to be a difficult task when you can’t use your oven, range, or microwave to assist you. And without a refrigerator to keep your food safe, you’ll be limited to items held at room temperature.

Eating out – don’t think the solution is eating out. Without electricity, restaurants can’t operate their businesses either.

Heating and cooling – yep, you’re going to deal with the weather conditions on your own. Hope for nice weather as you won’t be able to warm or cool your home.

Obviously, this post is meant for fun. But if you’ve ever survived a few hours without electricity, you quickly realize how dependent we are in our daily lives.

A power outage is nothing to take lightly. While an hour can be a friendly reminder, when it stretches into days, it can be uncomfortable at best.

There are ways to ensure you never go without power. A generator may be the perfect solution for you. We can help you decide what’s the best system for you.

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