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Plumbing Resolutions To Help You Save In The New Year

Every year we sit down and write out our resolutions as we head into the new year. One of the top resolutions that makes its way to people’s lists is: spend less, save more. Yep, we’re a nation of spenders that try hard to save wherever we can.

What if it didn’t take a lot to start saving? What if you could do so by making a few changes in your home?

Save WaterPlumbing Resolutions To Help You Save In The New Year

When was the last time you changed out your toilets? Consider a low flow toilet, or better yet, a dual flush toilet. Both are designed to help you save money every time you flush. And if you have several people in your family, the savings can be significant.

Give Your Water Heater Some TLC

A water heater needs regular maintenance to keep it working in top form year after year. By having a professional plumber come in for a checkup, he can ensure your system is operating properly by flushing the system of sediment or buildup. He will ensure everything is running efficiently, and can even show you how you’ll save by upgrading to an Energy Star water heater or possibly a tankless system.

Be Conscious Of What Goes Into The Garbage Disposal

One of our top service calls centers around a clogged kitchen drain. That’s because homeowners often stuff down too much food, expecting the garbage disposal to handle all you can throw at it. Make a more conscious effort about what goes down the drain and what you throw away.

Insulate Your Pipes

Cold temperatures can affect your pipes. And don’t assume because your home has never had a problem in the past that it won’t hit you this year. Houses settle, changes are made. If your pipes are suddenly exposed to the ice and cold, you could be staring down a major problem.

Consider An Energy Audit

Our plumbing technicians are happy to evaluate your plumbing system to ensure everything is in good working order. Small leaks can quickly grow, causing you a lot of damage and headache. We can also point out where minor upgrades can make the biggest differences. It’s a great way to find your list of to-do’s for the coming year.

Fix Plumbing Problems

You know that drip, drip, drip that you promised yourself you’d get to? Well it costs you money with every drip. Keep your eyes and ears open for leaks, drips, and noises that are out of the ordinary. You can waste thousands of gallons of water by ignoring even a tiny leak, and risk further damaging both your appliances and your home if the problem continues to grow.

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