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Expert Electricians in Kennesaw, Georgia

Are you tired of dealing with flickering lights? Have you noticed a burning smell coming from your electrical outlets? Has a sudden circuit shortage left you in the dark? In today’s day and age, even minor electrical problems can become a nuisance. At R.S. Andrews, we never want you to feel inconvenienced in your own Kennesaw home, which is why nothing but the absolute best electrical service will suffice.

You need a team of professionals that is dependable, skilled, and tuned in to providing you exceptional service across the board. Our certified electricians lead the industry in technical knowledge and training, ensuring you get the attention you need!

No matter the electrical problem you’ve encountered in Kennesaw, Georgia, contact the electricians at R.S. Andrews.

Electrical Services with R.S. Andrews

We’ve tailored our electrical services to be all-encompassing so we can be sure to meet your every need and expectation. When you need residential or commercial electrical services in Kennesaw, you can be confident in looking to R.S. Andrews for:

Whether it be repairs, installations, or maintenance, R.S. Andrews can provide assistance! We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing services that Kennesaw homeowners can trust, bringing you top-quality in both products and skill to ensure your electrical projects are done quickly, efficiently, and perfectly!

Need electricians in Kennesaw? Contact our team today for the answer to all of your electrical needs! You can reach us online, or over the phone at 770-913-6412.

Kennesaw Electrical & Wiring Repair

Electricity is a fickle beast, and one that requires an electrician with the confidence and knowledge necessary to ensure your repairs go off without a hitch. You can count on our Kennesaw electricians for all of your repair needs. Not sure when you may need repairs? Keep an eye out for these sure signs that you need electrical repair:

  • Appliances generating unnatural heat. It’s fairly normal for machines and appliances to stay slightly warm during operation, but if you notice equipment getting warmer than usual, or even hot to the touch, there’s likely an issue with your wiring.
  • Over-frequent flickering. A little flicker now and then is natural, and common to all homes. But if you notice a frequent or consistent flicker that doesn’t seem tied to major machinery kicking into action, you may have an issue with your wiring, breaker box, or appliance.
  • Sparking. Outlets that spark, or sparking coming from fixtures is a sure sign of arcing or a weak ground, both of which should be addressed immediately!
  • Burning, charring or “ozone” smells. If you notice any smell resembling burning coming from your panel or wires, cut power to your home and contact a professional immediately. This is a very serious issue, and should be handled right away!

If you’ve noticed any of these warning signs in your Kennesaw home, give R.S. Andrews a call at 770-913-6412 immediately!

Kennesaw Electrical Installations & Replacement

Part of our personal mission as a business is to provide only the finest quality products for installation or replacement in your home. Contact our team of Kennesaw electricians today for any project you’re planning involving electricity. We’ve handled it all, and guarantee complete satisfaction on all of our work!

Why Choose an Electrician from R.S. Andrews?

You can trust more than just our good word at R.S. Andrews. All of our work comes fully guaranteed, both to provide confidence for you, and as a way to show pride in our work for ourselves. We choose only the finest electricians to provide our consumers with electrical services, choosing based not only on skill and knowledge, but on integrity, honesty, and friendliness as well!

Choose the service you can trust with R.S. Andrews today. Contact us to learn more about how our Kennesaw electricians can help you, or to schedule an appointment!

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