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Why You Should Only Hire Pros For Your HVAC Repair in Atlanta

Sometimes it’s tempting to use a coupon promising a great deal, or say “yes” to the cheapest HVAC repair company you can find. After all, your money only goes so far. What could possibly go wrong?

A lot.

HVAC companies that go for the cheapest prices, undercutting other companies by far, are the cheapest for a reason. They hope to undercut the competition, make money while they can, and often disappear when things turn bad. They often are unlicensed and never worry about certification. They’re technicians often lack skills and expertise to do the jobs sufficiently.

When you hire pros for your HVAC repair, you’ll get the best service possible every time. When you used licensed professionals to repair or install your HVAC system, you’ll ensure:

Your warranty is protected. Manufacturers may void the warranty if an unlicensed technician works on your air conditioner or your furnace. If you have any doubts, a qualified repair person will always display his or her license number and provide it immediately upon request. Be sure to save all receipts from repair work to ensure your warranty is protected.

Your safety. Repairing your air conditioner and furnace can be dangerous work. If they don’t perform every task professionally, leaks can quickly begin, allowing dangerous gasses to escape into your air supply. It can cause rashes on skin, dizziness, even asphyxia or respiratory problems.

Your investment. Yes, your HVAC equipment is expensive. Your project can get even more expensive if you don’t purchase the right equipment for your home, or it’s repaired ineffectively and causes more damage – sometimes irreparable damage – that costs even more in the short run.

HVAC technicians are licensed for a reason. HVAC repair requires highly developed skills, training, and education.

HVAC Repair Service in Atlanta

If your equipment needs servicing, it’s best to trust the pros. Contact the expert HVAC technicians at R.S. Andrews for repairs in the Atlanta area!

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